Your First Visit

An initial appointment usually takes about an hour. When you arrive, we’ll welcome you and accept your patient registration forms, if you completed them at home. A friendly dental assistant will update your records with full-mouth X-rays, then the dentist will meet with you personally.

Your comprehensive examination will include periodontal charting, clinical and radiographic examination, screening for TMD and sleep apnea, and a thorough soft tissue and lymph node examination to screen for cancer. We use advanced dental technology for diagnostics and treatment planning. If the dentist believes you need complex dental treatment, we’ll schedule a complimentary consultation appointment so that you and the doctor can plan appropriate treatment that suits your schedule and budget. Cleaning or hygiene visits are scheduled separately because if you have gum disease, like 80% of the American population, you will need a specialized cleaning visit.

If you have questions, please don’t hesitate to call our office. We offer financing and accept credit cards, and as a courtesy, we’ll file your insurance claim. Learn more about our financial policies here. Then call to reserve your checkup or consultation today!